Thistle Hill (Organic Wines) Winery

The Thistle Hill winery has healthy soils, strong vines and outstanding fruit, plus, the a true commitment to the earth that sustains them.  The team at Thistle Hill believe their  relationship with the land is at the core of the commitment to quality that they are renowned for. Their commitment to “Go Organic” 35 years ago has proven to be a prescient one, and they are very proud to carry it on and someday hand it over to their children to do the same.

The Thistle Hill  vineyard is unusual, even in the organic world, because chemical sprays have never been used on their vines.   The vines and wines are as pure as you can get!

With loving care, Thistle Hill  are able to produce full flavoured, low and no preservative wines which taste great and are very easy on the body.

Let your taste buds taste the difference!