Mudgee Valley

Take a tour of the beautiful Mudgee Valley that is home to some of the best wineries in Australia. You will visit award winning wineries, taste superb wines and delight in a delicious lunch of locally grown and prepared food.  . Mudgee is where you will discover older Wine styles fondly remembered from the past alongside exciting new wines. You’ll meet people who love what they do and are passionate about their wine and local produce.

The Mudgee Valley region is well known for its fine wine. Mudgee has developed as a wine producing region and is a popular destination for tourists. The Mudgee Valley has forty wineries to visit. Mudgee attractions include festivals, tours, and markets in the area. Mudgee’s hospitality sector has many bed & breakfast establishments, cafés, and restaurants.

The Mudgee Valley rural produce includes cattle, sheep, wheat, alfalfa, olives, fruit, tomatoes, corn, honey, and dairy products.

The Mudgee Valley region  is also a growing industry based largely on the wonderful wineries.

Mudgee Notes of interest:

Elevation – 454m

261km North West of Sydney

Mudgee is a warm climate and temperatures can range from -8 to 42 degrees.

Population (2011 census) 9,830